12 qualities more important than ability



Stand in the company's position to thinkabout problems, loyally safeguard the interests of the company, in the face oftemptation to withstand the test.


The purpose of work is not only theremuneration, providing service beyond   remuneration, and willingness to makepersonal sacrifices for work is also important.

3.Automatic spontaneity

Don't wait for others to ask you do everything,change from "somebody wants me to do" to "I want to do",take the initiative to do some "extraordinary" things, first do andthen   say. High requirements: somebody ask you do one step, you actually dothree steps.


The core of responsibility lies in thesense of responsibility and doing every little thing   well. Do what you promisedand there is absolutely no excuse. Let the problem stop on   you and avoid makingmistakes through negligence.

5.Pay attention to efficiency

No distraction, quantify the daily work youshould do and be concentrate on your own   work. Delay is one of the factors thatmake business fail. Distinguishing primary and   secondary can preventperfectionism from becoming the enemy of efficiency.

6.Result orientation

At the beginning, we should think about howto accomplish things. There are always   more ways than problems. We shouldcreate conditions to accomplish tasks. We should do things right the first timeand accomplish tasks beyond our expectations.

7.be good at communication

Opening up your mouth face to face, solvingproblems on the spot, communicating and gossiping are two different things. Thereare all mistakes not to say or speak too much. Asking questions with a plan andcultivate an emotional quotient to accept criticism.


Team advance, self-retreat, drip into   thesea, individual   integration into the team,   obey the overall arrangement,observe discipline   to ensure combat effectiveness. Try not to be   the"short board" in your team,   mostly consider for others.   Let yourability   amplify   in the   team.


Always keep up with the pace of theenterprise, learn and absorb with an empty cup mentality, squeeze time torecharge, develop your "comparative advantage" and challenge yourself.


With high talent but not to be arrogant,overcome the mentality of "big talent, small use", do not put on airsand play qualifications; give a person a point of respect, strive to   achieve amatch between name and reality, achievement is only the starting point, honorcan be a driving force.


Don't misuse your boss's money, be honest,don't play smart, don't waste every piece of paper, and don’t waste everyminute of working time; you should make sure that every penny of the companyyou spend will get the best benefit, all you save is profit.


Thinkabout who made you what you are today? Companies give you jobs, jobs give youopportunities to learn and grow, colleagues give you cooperation, customershelp you   create   performance,opponents let you see distance, and critics make you perfect.
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