30 Reasons for the Failure of E-commerce


This article summarizes 30 reasons for thefailure of e-commerce.   It is   said   that   Gui   Jiao qi,   a famous self-Media   person, was written   by Ghost   Foot Seven . Gui   Jiaoqi   himself is an e-commerce origin,and this article has a wide influence.

Regarding domestic e-commerce andcross-border e-commerce, in   addition   to   whether   products   are transnationaltransactions, I   cannot   find any   other   painful   points . The mistakes made bydomestic e-commerce on cross-border e-commerce will   also bring catastrophicconsequences.

The summary is as follows

1.The product structure is not perfect, andthe rate of family and individual ownership of the product is low, which leadsto the difficulty of starting.

2.The product line is not focused enoughand the product structure of stores has a long span

3.The lack of depth in product quantity isinsufficient to enrich shop display.

4.No team, no artists, and the boss ofe-commerce don’t have knowledge of


5.Superstition in low prices.

6.Firmly believe that the rate of flow isthe root cause.

7.Superstition promotion is the only wayout.

8.Believe that there are secrets andshortcuts in doing foreign trade e-commerce, and they will never tire of doingso.

9.Can't see or understand the advantagesand details of excellent shops.

10.Lack of main ideas.

11.The transition of product price range istoo jumpy.

12.The price level of the product is toohigh or too low.

13.Product appearance is too non-mainstream.

14.Lack of design that meets the needs ofconsumer psychology.

15.Pay no attention to the details of thepage.

16.Pay no attention to the logic and unityof the page.

17.Pay no attention to the quality, toneand temperament of the page.

18.Like to add a huge amount of text to thepicture category.

19.The color of the page is too gorgeousand the form is more than the content.

20.Not dig out the value in package design.

21.Reluctance to compromise with consumers.

22.Overindulgence in activities.

23.Do not know the age, income, preferencesand shopping path of mainstream


24. Not seeing the communication value afterconsumer transactions.

25. Learn from extreme case stores or evenbackward stores.

26. Relying on giving consumers money toget a favorable comment.

27. Not fond of reading.

28. Promotion in the name of channel ratherthan brand.

29. Dream of store products blossom in an all-roundway.

30. Promoting without a rhythm of time.

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